Ensure availability of accurate and updated hydrographic products and safety services to promote navigational safety for maritime community through hydrography in the region.


The mandate of Department is in accordance with international obligations and national rules as enumerated in

  • IMO-SOLAS Chapter V
  • IHO convention on charting
  • UN General Assembly Resolutions
  • Indian Merchant Shipping Act, 1958
  • Govt of India Business Rules, 1961
  • Regulations for the Navy


The INHD objectives are:-

  • Carryout accurate hydrographic surveys.
  • Ensure availability of genuine, accurate and up-to-date navigational products to mariners.
  • Provide hydrographic services to National and International agencies and Public as well as Private sector undertakings.
  • Provide quality training in the field of Hydrography.
  • Ensure total satisfaction to the users of our products.
  • Extend cooperation in the field of Hydrography to the maritime states in the region.