S. No.ProductsUnit Price (₹)
1Basic Navigational Chart₹1950
2West Coast of India Pilot (INP 1)₹4600
3Bay of Bengal Pilot (INP 2)₹4600
4List of Lights Vol D (INP 21a)₹2450
5List of Lights Vol F & K (INP 21b) ₹2450
6List of Radio Signals Vol I – INP 31(1)
(Coast Radio Stations)
7List of Radio Signals Vol II – INP 31(2)
(Radio Navigational Aids Satellite Navigation Systems Radio Time Signals and Electronic Position Fixing Systems)
8List of Radio Signals Vol V – INP 31(5)
(Global Maritime Distress and Safety System)
9List of Radio Signals Vol VI – INP 31(6)
(Port Operations, Pilot Services and Traffic Management)
10Notices to Mariners (Fortnightly/Annual/Special)PDF Available
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